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Originally Posted by Crosshair
Interesting that you are using a 30 grain 22 mag load. How about going with the far more common 40 grain load for the 22 mag.
I used ballistics numbers from Hornady. I didn't hand pick ammo to make my point.

I'm not sure why you say that 40 is "far more common". Hornady doesn't even make a 40, Federal only makes 40gr in FMJ and Remington makes three versions, one in 33gr and the other two are 40. Based on those 3 companies, the split is 50/50 for the two sizes.

Plus, none of the companies except Hornady list the BC of their bullets, which complicates calculations.

Based on Federals numbers, the 17 is more than 2 inches higher at 150 than either of their 22mags. That's hardly "almost as flat".

The energy levels are not really relevant for this application. It's not like either cartridge is marginal for woodchucks or squirrels. I know as an eye witness that the 17 is a one shot "insta-kill" machine for large woodchucks out to AT LEAST 200 yards. Anything else is irrelevant to the OP's question.
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