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Interesting perspective.... since the 17HMR has LESS wind drift than the 22mag... by a full 10 INCHES at 200 yards in a 10mph crosswind.
Interesting that you are using a 30 grain 22 mag load. How about going with the far more common 40 grain load for the 22 mag.

If my numbers are right I get 17.5" wind drift at 10 mph and 162 ft/lbs of energy at 200 yards.

So the wind drift is rather close and you have twice the energy to boot with the 22 mag at 200 yards with just a bit more drop.

I don't know about chucks but I know a 17HMR will set off tannerite at 100 yards where a 22mag won't.So,I would guess to say the 17 has a little more Umph.I was actually suprised when the tannerite went off.Also,the accuracy is scary good on my Savage bolt gun.
Tannerite needs good velocity to set it off, that's why the 17 worked. A 45 Colt has more energy than the 17, but it won't set off tannerite.
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