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I own both the 17HMR and .22WMR. They each have their uses in the field. My CZ 452 Varmint in .17HMR is exceptionally accurate out to 150 yards. Wind is be a big factor with the .17, but it also plays with the .22. The .22WMR out to 100 yards is a fine round for small game as well especially with the new 30 grain ballistic tips. I have a Winchester Model 9422M in which is accurate and fun to shoot The .17HMR can cause serious damage to the critter you hit so I use it on vermin rather than food for the table. My .22LRs actually get the nod when shooting 75 yards and under. To each his own, but I find good use for both the .17HMR, the .22WMR. and the .22LR as well. While the .22WMR will take a coyote if the distance and shot placement are right I prefer to use my .223 If that's what I'm going to be hunting.
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