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Bottom line at those distances most likely you are gonna hit what you are aiming at.....Question is do you want a light weight bullet or a really really light weight bullet

For squirrels and woodchucks?

The question is do you want more drift and more drop or less drop and less drfit? The energy levels are virtually identical at 100 yards.... 142 vs 139.... and the wind drift is still in favor of the HMR by over 2.25 inches.

I'll take the 17HMR. I've never had a 'chuck get away except one that my cousin shot in the butt. The 17 kills woodchuck (and certainly squirrels!) very, VERY dead and it will do it handily out to ranges of at least 200 yards with less wind drift and less drop than the 22mag.

17 wins hands down. For anything smaller than a coyote there's really no question. The 17 wins every category and energy is a virtual tie.
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