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I know that 17HM2 has fallen somewhat out of favor, but it is a great round at half the cost of 17HMR. The 17HMR is based on a necked down 22mag case. The 17HM2 is based on a necked down 22lr case. The 17HM2 is only a few hundred FPS slower than it's big brother and the trajectory is nearly the same to 125 yards. I have a CZ452 Varmint and it is a tack driver.
And if they ever stop making 17HM2 ammo (which I doubt), I can just have the barrel resized for 22LR.
As for the difference between 22WMR and 17HMR, check out Chuck Hawks website. The 17HMR is a good deal more accurate. Here is the page comparing the two.

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled discussion.
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