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So let's say I want a SxS...

Let's further say I want it in 12ga with double triggers, internal hammers, and ejectors. It should be able to handle modern slug and buck without problems, and would ideally have =< 24" barrels, although that's not an absolute requirement. Budget... Let's just say $500 or less (used, obviously) with less being better. Appearance means nothing: I hate engraving, will probably have the stock cut down and a recoil pad installed, and have it refinished in Duracoat (or Krylon ).

I've been looking at some of the Spanish imports, specifically AyA's. I've also heard rumours some of the older Savage/Stevens/Fox guns had ejectors?

This is for HD, so let me go ahead and request that if your only input is "But pumps holds moar shells so they're better hurr hurr derp" that you kindly keep it to yourself. I don't go pee in "What pump for HD" threads and say "But they only hold 5-9 rounds, if you don't get a Saiga you're doomed!!!" so try to restrain yourself.
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