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but my question is: (accepting that there are various interpretations)
what about your carry concealed weapon?
This is exactly what the concept of a "cold range" was meant to address.

And, this IS a military concept!

A "cold" range means that the only guns handled are the ones properly presented at the firing line, or shooter's box. All other weapons are unloaded and cased (or holstered) at all other times.

When you come onto a "cold" range, there is a designated unloading area at the entrance. This is specifically for you to unload ANY AND ALL loaded guns you have brought to the range. This includes your duty weapon and your concealed carry.

At civilian ranges, this is usually a condition that you must agree to in writing before being allowed onto the property to shoot.

In many practical shooting sports, and in tactical training, this concept is an absolute MUST for the safety of all involved.

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