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17HMR vs .22 Magnum...

Me and one of my buddies have been discussing the 17HMR vs .22 magnum for small varmit hunting (squirrel and groundhogs). I don't have but want a 17HMR for the straighter shot and more distance... My buddy is suggesting the the .22 magnum has more knock down power between 75 and 125 yds.. So guys, give the low down...

I actually have 2 questions.The second, I'm definitly buying a 17HMR. I'm just trying to decide on which one. I really want the Magnum Research 17 Magnalite semi-auto but I here they have alot of bad issue's. I also have heard bad info. on lever action rifles too. Local folks are telling me to go with a Marlin 917VS or a Savage 93 with the Accutrak bolt action rifles. I really want a semi-auto but would be pretty ticked to pay for the MR and it be a piece of crap!!!

Facts needed.

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