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every shooter develops different (and hopefully) safe shooting habits. Some of us may disagree on those habits, but if it works for you, who cares what others think. Some people pack glocks as CCW because they don't want to risk a safety interfering, some people pack DA Sigs because of the added safety of DA with accurate SA follow ups and some people pack 1911's and undo the safety without losing a millisecond over the others... why? Because we develop our own habits and tastes.

I'm a chronic safety fiend. I've cost my friends a few clay pigeons. We used to casually knock hand tossed pigeons with an 1100 and after every 5 shots, we'd pass the gun along. Well, I had this habit of always hitting the safety and my friends didn't. So they'd get the gun, go to fire and: nothing. I'd always flick the safety off on the gun when they passed it to me, even when they didn't turn it on.
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