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Birds are usually shot at 25 yards or more, but I doubt that any of us would be shooting at anything great than 10 yards inside our homes. 5-7 yards would much more likely be the maximum distance indoors. 7 1/2 birdshot will have SIGNIFICANTLY less spread at 5-7 yards compared to 25 yards or greater, therefore its penetration and stopping power would be more fairly evaluated at the distance at which it would actually be used, since we are talking about HD in this discussion.

I personally have gone back and forth in my own mind about this issue. Currently I have 5 rounds of 00 buck loaded, but I still believe in a fair evaluation of 7 1/2 birdshot loads at realistic HD distances, regardless of what I personally chose to load.

I would LOVE to see this topic on mythbusters, but not sure if they would be willing test a myth that is specifically about shooting intruders...
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