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This topic goes around a lot, with passionate stances all around. Any minute now, someone will be along to say that 00B is the only answer for every tactical question with a shotgun and that by even considering anything else, you are a fool that is signing their own death warrant.

My opinion is that every tactical situation is different and that each individual person has to evaluate their needs, tools, and limitations to best accomplish their goal. 00B is doubtlessly the most effective short range anti-personnel round whereas light bird/target loads also doubtlessly lack effectiveness. But there’s a couple of realistic options in-between. I for one, am very concerned with penetration through more than one wall (both sides) so I use heavy BB shot loads in the magazine for any engagement at in home distances. However, I also have 00B and slugs standing by on the sidesaddle for task specific requirements. Is that a trade off? Yes. But, so is everything.
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