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IDPA classifier match

I shot in an IDPA Classifier match on Saturday evening.

In the past, the times I've finished poorly were because I blew Stage III of the classifier match. For those unfamiliar, Stage III involves shooting at multiple targets from behind a high barricade at 25 yards and from behind a barrel at 15 yards. You can't shoot over the top of the barrel -- you have to shoot around the sides.

In the past, I sometimes had trouble because I shot too fast on this stage and also because I crowded cover. When you crowd your cover, you sometimes create a situation where your firing stance is contorted. This is particularly true when shooting around the side of low cover.

Well, I didn't shoot too fast and I didn't crowd cover, and so only dropped 27 points in a 90 round match. (My personal best with this gun was 22 points down). I didn't have any misses, either.

One of the ROs is a firearms instructor at a local PD, and somebody I trained in the Police Academy. Before we began stage III he reminded me "Shoot at your own pace and get your hits" and I did and it worked.
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