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The Pardner pump has it all over the Maverick 88 in construction. While the Maverick is a good price point shotgun, as is the Pardner, you get more with the Pardner.

The forearm is pinned thru the plastic on the Maverick and the Pardner is brazed and the forearm wood/
plastic is separate from the piece which makes up the forearm sub assembly.

The trigger guard is machined aluminum as opposed to a plastic trigger plate in the Maverick. Is this a big deal? No I have a Mossberg that has stood the test of time and shoots just fine with its' plastic trigger plate.

The finish on the Pardner is like a matte blueing/ Parkerizing and soaks up oil pretty good and doesn't rust. So far in my gun anyways.

If you break the forearm on the Maverick ,you'll have to buy a whole new assembly to fix it as it it s pinned throught the plastic forearm.

I'll buy anyone a case of their favorite beer if they EVER break the forearm on the Pardner pump with normal use.

The Maverick is a serviceable gun for the price, but it has way too much plastic in it for my tastes.

The Mossberg is a step up from the Maverick and enjoys the tang safety with better wood /plastic.

The Pardner is very similar to the field grade 870 shotgun and it is all wood ( real walnut!) and steel with machined aluminum for the triggerplate. The only plastic I've seen is the orange magazine follower and spring retainer in the mag tube.

That is why I bought the Pardner when I did as it offered all of the features that guns, IMHO, should have.

It's some of the nicest "cheap Chinese junk" Ive ever seen!
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