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This is the limited information that I have.

(i can give you my favorite load which is a Rainier 335 Gr. HP bullet, #34 CCI primer, that is the Military designation, not really needed, but that is my preference, 50 Gr. Ramshot TAC powder, accuracy at 100 yd. for my piston LWRC Carbine has been phenomenal.., in my OPINION would you believe 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" groups, at 200 yd. they spread out to 6" groups still very good for a man sized target.)

Do you think the 50 caliber beowulf 300 Gr. bullet will "streatch" the brass enough to cause jaming problems as it is inserted and expelled from the action ?
What does it mean by " 50 Gr. Ramshot Tac Powder" .... is that 50 grams ? 50 grains ? of powder ?
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