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lessons learned

I shot a USPSA Classifier match on the first Sunday in January. It was at an indoor range, but the weather outside was bitter cold and it was pretty chilly in the range, even though the heaters were going.

I was a layer of clothing short, but the match ended before I really took a chill.

One of the guys in my squad can cleaned his gun with MPro7 (a water based cleaner) the night before, and then put his gun & equipment in the trunk of his car so he could make ak quick departure in the morning. His car was parked in an unheated garage.

He had a Para Ordinance .45 with a firing pin safety. The cold caused the water-based cleaner to freeze up, and his gun wouldn't function until he thawed it out.

One of the shooters on my squad was a cop with Chicago PD and he said they had occassionally noticed the same thing when shooting outside in the winter.
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