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No, your not a loner. I punch paper, and hunt year round. I started my career as a shooter as a sniper in Vietnam. We used a 3-9x40mm Redfield ART scope.

I now use a 3-18x42mm (35mm body) as the smallest, and have only occasionally used it, with my primary scope being a 6-24x50mm (35mm body). I use it on everything from 22-250 Rem to the .33 caliber "Super Magnums". The large body and objective bell diameters give me a very wide field of view and can be used easily for close shots (300 yards and closer), but when I reach down range the higher magnification allows me to pinpoint the strike of the round on the target rather than the cross hairs covering the whole target. Most everyone I know that loves the long range rifle game as I do will generally be using a variable power scope with a lot of magnification on the top end.
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