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i have quite a few shotguns,including several win 12,s, but i would put my rem 870 light contour 3" 12 ga with rem choke aganist any model 12, i can complety detail strip and clean my rem 870 in a third of the time as one of my mod 12,s and find parts and repair it my self if any break, try that with you win 12, oh yea, what if you want another barrel, good luck with that and how about steel shot for hunting ducks. not to mention weight. and not to mention if you happen to hold the trigger back while pumping the gun if you are excited(i know your not to do that). i have a rem express 870 in 28ga that has fired over 6,000 shell(mostly reloads) shooting skeet and small game that i bought at walmart for less than 200.00 that functions better that the day it was bought. if you sho0t 120 shells a year hunting it would take 50 years of small game hunting to equal that. the truth is most hunting shoguns are not fired too much,2-3 boxs a year maybe., so they should last for meny years. eastbank.

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