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Did you mean 'CETME'?

That's basically a G3. I don't know what would be 'match grade' about it, but I'd probably ignore that little 'fact'. And I'd have to question the quality and condition of any similar rifle that was available for that price.

Most semi-auto battle rifles that are available in .308/7.62x51mm are usually pretty expensive- $1k on up. One fairly new and interesting example is the KelTec RFB: It's new, it's expensive (compared to the $550 you mentioned) but from all accounts, it's really awesome. I personally haven't shot one yet (because it's new and expensive lol).

FALs and G3s (and the other HK style offshoots) are pretty solid rifles but can vary a lot in condition and reliability depending on how good they've been taken care of (if they're used).

.30 cal AR style rifles are also an option. AR10s and so on in .308 are pretty attainable these days, particularly when compared to G3s and FALs etc. and they have the advantage of being compatible with a large majority of AR accessories like grips and hand guards and all sorts of tacti-cool stuff.

Did I help at all?
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