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White Label BAC lube?????

I am getting ready to order up a new stock of stick lube for my 450. Have mostly used the Orange Magic, and really have no issues, hust want to try something new. Mostly lubing slower velocity pistol bullets, but may lube some faster ones not wishing to change lubes (it's a PITA when in mid stick anyway) Searched for some likes/dislikes amongst the group, and BAC seems to pop up a lot. I order a lot from Midway, and they don't show it. Googled White Label and came up with a site that sells White Label and also Alox in 32ounce bottles. I saw no reference to BAC on the site, so I will plead ignorance here, professing I do not know what the acronym BAC stands for.

Help a fellow caster out here and steer me to the right source.

Okie out
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