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I have a Pardner Protector as well. My thoughts:
The +s
870 parts fit, although some may need modification.
It has great heft and feels good in your hands
The recoil pad is nice and works well (Remington should make these standard on all 870s)

The -s
Action is a bit rough;No where near as smooth as my 870s. You really have to forcefully rack the slide to get a shell in the chamber from the mag tube. Not sure if it is the shell lifter lifting the shell at the wrong angle or if the inside of the action is just that rough or..... I have fired at least 150 shells through it and it has not lightened.

The finish seems to wear off fairly quick. Receiver finish is wearing off on the sharp edges.

Overall: For a decent HD shotgun you can't beat it that is, unless you can find an older wingmaster with a 20" slug barrel for about the same price
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