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Originally Posted by oneounceload
my smith was showing me one on one of my guns -it was protruding out enough that when he opened the gun, it was catching on the lug under it - not a lot, mind you, but enough he was afraid the pin would get broken - it made it difficult to open for him. All I have to go on….
Originally Posted by Lee Lapin
If the gun hasn't been opened enough to cock the hammers, then the hammers are holding the firing pins forward, right? So trying to push them back in against the hammer springs isn't going to work, correct?
Does the model in question have rebounding pins? From what I just learned from 1-oz, protruding pins may be the problem, even without primers in place. I've only experienced the problem with hulls. Perhaps the first step should be some penetrating oil to the pins. And, a hard wood dowel down the barrel would be a less damaging approach than trying to pry via a partially open breech.

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