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464 action

just acquired a mossberg 464.. wally world, 350. i expected to leave the store in handcuffs, the female sales staff was so alarmed by selling a RIFLE omg.
action was balky and loose. dry cycled 6 rounds several times.. has to be done quickly and smoothly or it will hang up at 1/4 swing or just before the shell lines up with the chamber, jamming in the loader.
fit and finish seem ok.
one alarming outcome, there were several shells with tiny dimples in the primer.
from banging the bolt home, i am sure, safety was on. and i put the hammer down manually every time.
the instruction book makes you want to puke, fully half the verbaige is lawyer written warnings they might as well instruct, bang 30 caliber steel plugs in both ends of the barrel before touching the trigger.
sighting down the barrel, the iron sights look good. I need the weaver 48107 #403 mounts to put on my scope. shells dribble out to the right, wont likely impinge the scope.
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