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First Deer:

200 lb (dressed) 3 pt muley. One shot, low in lungs, behind heart, 120 yards. Deer kept walking as if nothing happened. I then heard him run over the other side of the finger and crash into some deadfall. Went probably 30 yards. 160 grain partition from a .280.

Second deer:

175 lb (dressed, estimated) 3 pt (barely) muley. Two shots: One through knee/dick/ham (ouch, can I write that?), he started walking just after shot, and he was way out there. I was holding about a foot and a half over his back (extreme steepness between us, good rest, though). Next shot high through lungs, and he dropped immediately, slid downhill 30 yards and piled up on a scrubby tree growing out of the scree, whereupon he emitted a sheep-like bleat. 140 grain partition from .280. Gutpile rolled about 100 yards further down the hill. A bit steep there.

Third Deer:

Bigger than first, 4 pt muley. Standing on extremely steep slope. Slope damp and covered with heather and grass. First shot behind shoulder: through back of one lung and liver. Hit a rib on the way in and blew a 2-3" hole through everything. Audible *smack* when bullet hit. Deer stands there kind of hunched over, probably would be groaning if it could talk. Second shot right next to first, deer drops and slides 40 yards downhill. 140 grain partition from .280. Would have ruined less (flank) meat if I would have waited out the first hit, but I could not be sure.


I don't know what to think, other than they sure tasted good.

Jerry V.
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