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gov't firearm import restrictions 101

Originally Posted by Crosshair
That's the big problem, it automatically engages when you open the action. The Stoeger guns are great, but I wanna slap the designer who thought that was a good idea. <-----

It's the one "feature" that keeps me from buying one. Much like how the Hillary hole keeps me from buying new S&W revolvers. Except this is worse than the HH.
My thoughts exactly - Stoeger's not the one to blame, though

Whether you're out hunting or when "it hits the fan", when the time comes to pull the trigger and nothing happens... well... use your imagination..

Stoegers are very nice shotguns with a better overall fit n finish than their Russkie counterparts.


I you can get used to, or just don't mind gov't interference in firearm design, the Stoeger is the one to get

The auto-safety is, was, and always will be a deal-breaker for me. You can blame stupid import laws for THAT one :barf:
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