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Yeah, I've got one. Imported by Stoeger, made in Brazil by E.R. Amantino. I bought it for varmint and vermin control around the house. Works very good on coyotes, foxes, road dogs, hawks and other varmints trying to dine on my chickens. Haven't tried it on two legged vermin, but it should work fine.

Fairly good fit and finish and fast pointing. The break open action is a bit stiff when new, but improves with use. Mine is modified and improved cylinder and out to about 30 yards holds good patterns. I usually keep a high brass number 4 in the IC barrel and 00 Buckshot in the modified one. It’s chambered for 3 inch shells, but I haven’t found a need to use them yet, 2 3/4 inch work just fine.

I think I paid about $300.00 for mine.
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