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I have a Rossi version, with exterior hammers and two triggers. My ex-wife bought it for me as a joke, but I had a lot of fun with it at the gun club. We (my dad and I) shot trap, others shot skeet, and there was a lot of good-natured needling back and forth. I did pretty well at trap, winning the top gun prize in the winter league a couple of times. The skeet guys dared me to shoot a round of skeet, so I took them up on it, with the Rossi because its modified chokes and short barrels were more suited to skeet than my Model 12 long-barreled full choke Winchester. The Rossi looked ridiculous in the rack next to the Krieghoffs and Citoris and other thousand dollar guns, but I shot 24/25 with it anyway. It's heavy but it's simple enough to be reliable; the open hammers and two triggers make second shots a bit of a drama, but for about $150 new (years ago), I was happy with it. It's next to my bed and loaded (no kids here) for HD, along with the M-1 carbine and 2 30 round clips behind the bedroom door and the Ruger .44 Mag revolver hanging on the back of the closet door.
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