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Dead is dead, as many respondants have written. Sometimes, the animal takes a lot of killing to get it done. I was on a hunt 10 years ago in the Texas hill country with a borrowed 270 Win. A doe crossing the fence at about 150 yards caught my eye. I put a handloaded 130 grain ballistic tip at the base of her neck, shattering the spine, with the bullet turning nearly 90 degrees and wiping out most of the back strap. She fell immediately. I waited 10 minutes to see if anything else would come along or if she decided to get up before I walked over. No movement. My friend came up with me, and about 30 yards away from her, she raised up on her front legs-I immediately put another 130 grain in the middle of her neck and she went back down. We put our rifles down and dragged her over the fence. As we crossed back over, she started to get up again. Being a safe hunter, we had put our rifles down so I drew my 45 Auto and put a 230 grain hollow point in the top of her head. Down she goes. Started to roll her over, and incredibly, she tried to get up again! Had my knife in my hands so I cut her throat to finish the job.
The wounds were awesome-8 inches of her spine behind the front legs was gone, the neck shot exit wound was the size of a tennis ball, plus a big vertical hole starting at the top middle of her skull and exiting out of the top front of her neck.
Learned two things-never borrow a rifle to hunt with, and don't believe they are dead until you have the gut pile at your feet!! I have since bought an exceptionally accurate M700 in 308 and make nothing but head shots, and have not had to make 2 shots on a deer since, but I am not certain I won't run into another one of those "assault deer" in the future......
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