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Mike Irwin
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Holy Farging Schnitz!

I've not read this for a couple of days, and in going through it just now I'm simply disgusted with some of you clowns.

First we have someone who claims to be a cop talking about gleefully assaulting restrained prisoners. You're a "credit" to your badge and profession, and are the reason so many people despise police. It's a pity that you bring that kind of playground bully boy attitude here to TFL. I suggest leaving it somewhere else next time.

Then we have multiple, and pretty incredible, flying face leaps of logic right into blank walls. That's gotta leave a mark.

And then we have all of the lovely little oh-so-close-to-the-line pejorative attacks.

Finally, we have the OP. You know, technically (and I mean VERY technically, as I would say that many of your initial claims about the gun and the law are open to wide interpretation) you may NOT have done anything illegal.

Intelligent? That's another question entirely.

But in my opinion, you deserve a swift kick in the ass for making all gun owners look like foaming nutcakes. Open carry in a holster is one thing, but walking around with the gun in your hand? I would call the police on you myself were I to see that in my neighborhood.

All of this boils down to this...

I'm pretty disgusted with a lot of you. And I'm pretty disgusted with this thread.

I'm closing the thread. Be glad that I don't close some of you.
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