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Its fine to push the envelope and demand your rights,but dont be pis*ed

off when it goes bad.Walking through town with a weapon in your

hand?My reaction as an M.P. would have been to draw down on you with my M16 ,

praying that you do something stupid.After i had you on your belly spread

eagled,and made sure you didnt have any more weapons on you,i would

probably accidentally kick you in the bal*s during my search
This is perhaps the most disgraceful thing in this entire thread. A suposed LEO admitting to to doing illigal things, in order to prove his point. If the poster is being honest when he wrote this, he should be very ashamed. This is an insult to every honest, hard working LEO here.
In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
-George Orwell
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