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Here is a civil rights question, since cops insist on harrassing law abiding gun owners and violating civil rights why don't more people complain?
IMOH You seem to be bordering on a point that may be considered harassment of the Police and Park Rangers. I'm surprised that they haven't yet sent you a bill for disruption of their services and duties.
You want to argue your civil rights - go to the ACLU, and see if they'll stand in your defense. Does the law state Army/Navy pistols and replicas, or just Army/Navy Pistols? Your handgun isn't an Army or Navy revolver, it's a wanna-be replica,

How is a LEO to know that you are an abiding gun owner and not a threat to the citizenry of their city, without making certain that you are unarmed other than what they can see with the naked eye. Threats not discovered have killed many a LEO and citizen.
You are a threat, until they can absolutly prove otherwise and a search of your person is the only way to assure the threat is abated. A physical search of your person and clothing should be considered not only acceptable but it's prudent for them to secure the area of all threats, seen and unseen.

After my comments you should never again think or assume that what you did is excusable as a "normal" gun carrying gun owner.

Remember the incident at Fort Hood Texas a few months ago?
That threat wasn't taken seriously and many good people were injured and died because of the lack of preventive actions.

IMO - You should seriously consider seeing a doctor about the rationality of your thoughts.
Your actions are not only daring and close to suicidal, but they're not those of a person that's consider to be full of their faculties.
At what point is somebody going to take your gun toting actions as a direct threat to another citizen, and dispatch justice on you for those actions. What are you going to do when a law abiding citizen sees you walking down the street with a gun in your hand and decides to neutralize the threat you pose to them and/or their neighbors. They'll probably be within their rights as a citizen, trying to protect themselves from the threat coming from you.
How are you going to repond when a citizen tries to disarm you? They probably won't be quite so understanding of your "rights", when they see you walking down the street with a gun in your hand.

Personally I think you got away lucky, with only a simple search and stop by the local LEO's.

I feel that you're using this forum with your own drum beating to ilicit responses for no reason, other than to propigate your rhetoric and unrealsitic beliefs of the infringement on your rights as only you see them.
If you eventually get banned from this forum I'll understand the reasoning behind it.
I won't respond to any answers to my comments either. I'll read your response if you so choose to do so, but an additional response from me you won't get.
Thanks TFL for such an awesome Forum.
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My firearm is an investment on my life.

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