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I have a smith 3 and a half inch victory model .38 sw. The serial number is v 490xxx. it is stamped converted by cogswell and harrison ltd. london.
V490XXX = 1942 to 1944. The 38 S&W versions were made for British military use. Many were converted to 38 Special after the war and resold. Cogswell and Harrison was one of several doing conversions.

the second is a top break 38 sw the serial number is 200xxx.
That serial number was used on two models:
.38 Double Action 3rd Model. SN's ran from 119001 in 1884 to 322700 in 1895.
.38 Safty Hammerless 4th Model. SN's ran from 116003 in 1898 to 220000 in 1907.

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