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I'm not a lawyer, or a civil rights activist. I'm not even that clever really, but if I saw a fellow walking down my street with a gun in his hand I'd be on the phone to the police and I know without a doubt that they'd show up in a hurry. Carrying a gun in your hand is a provocative action that in our culture demands a response. While witnessing such a thing might not put me in immediate fear for my life or someone elses, it would sure make me take cautionary measures. Maybe those here with more legal knowhow than I have would be able to determine if this is disturbing the peace or somesuch. I certainly don't want to see it in my neighborhood.

I'll add this. My wife works in law enforcement. I know several police officers. There aren't any of them that are "ignorant" or "crooked" in my town. They are a stand up bunch of guys and gals really that do a great job. To think that these officers go to work every day looking for an excuse to oppres folks is kind of silly.
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