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I inheritied my grandfather's S&W .38 Special when he passed away in 1994. He was a mitilitary policeman in the army during WW2 and I initially thought it might be his army revolver. But having read some of the posts here, I think it is most likely a more recent model.

However, the number on the butt starts with 2D30XXX. Inside the revolver arm there is another number with 5 digits beinging with 96XXX. Also on the revolver arm, there is what looks to be an "after market" (for lack of a better word) stamp or engraving. It looks like it reads E13. But I can only read the top half of it. Are there any posts here that mention serial numbers such as this or any type of "after market" stamp/engraving. Are these things typical or can I hang on to the hope that there is something special about my grand dad's gun?
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