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Are these Firearms Freedom bills a double edged sword?

On one side, the basis is that Federal law doesn not apply to items made in, and only existing in the state. A nice idea, on the surface, State's rights, and all.

But the other side, the effort to get the US 2nd amendment to apply to states, something many consider to be a good thing, seems to me to go in the opposite direction.

IF we support the right and authority of individual states to keep Federal laws out, how can we support the Federal 2nd amd, being "in"?

Is the solution a two tier system, with only state law applying to those items made and used only in state, and state and Fed law applying to those items that have moved in interstate commerce?

Also, if a govt agent is charged (and found guilty) of a crime under state law, for arresting me for a Fed law violation, does that mean that I am off the hook for for the Fed violation? OR am I still charged with a Fed crime?

This seems like a real can of worms to me, and I doubt any of us are going to relish the taste in the end. We should proceed with care.
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