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Just reading reviews of the speedfeed stock, I've read a lot of complaints of shells popping out under recoil, so I think I'd be happier with a solid stock.

@Bigdaddy: I'm looking at the bayonet as an added bonus. I probably won't keep it on there, but at least I'll have a cool knife to go with it lol Glad to hear from someone that owns it and VERY glad to hear that you're satisfied with it. I'm not completely against a ported barrel, I'd just prefer a barrel without porting, but its obviously not a deal breaker for me as I'm still leaning toward that model. Thanks for the useful info, much appreciated.

@Mtn Biker: Good advice and I'll definitely be seeing how it feels when I shoulder it before purchasing it. I'm a fairly long armed guy so I don't think it will be a problem. The shotgun I'm used to shooting is a Mossberg 500 and if the LOP is the same, then it definitely won't be a problem.

@Maestro Pistolero: That's the reason I like the idea of a picatinny rail as well... for use with slugs. I'll mostly be using the ghost ring sights when practicing, but I like the idea that I can play with different sights as well.

@colostomyclown: Whole lot of assumptions there... Let me clarify for you so you won't jump to so many conclussions. I'm not concerned with having an ultra tacticool super laser shotgun... I was originally looking for a shotgun with ghost ring sights as I prefer them much much more than a bead and I didn't want to have to bother with taking it to a gunsmith later to have them added (The shotgun I regularly shoot is a Mossberg 500 with a bead sight, I've shot both ghost rings and beads and prefer ghost rings, which I do know how to use). I definitely like Mossbergs so I looked there first. I gravitated to the 590 for the simple fact that the safety and trigger guard is metal rather than plastic. These were really my only concerns, ghost rings sights and durable as well as comfortable for me to shoot. As you can see, the first one I listed is not super awesome tacticool... its a pump action shotgun with ghost ring sights. I even expressed in my original post that I was concerned with the cheek weld of the stock being comfortable and would simply go with the solid stock option if it weren't. The reason I was asking about it is because the gun comes with a speedfeed stock or a solid stock at the same price and I was weighing the options. I'm not concerned with the bayonet on the SPX, just with the ghost ring sights and I like the option of the picatinny rail for changing sights when firing slugs (also why I opted for 20" rather than 18.5" for the slightly better grouping, a 20" gun is not a problem to handle in a house and especially not in the very open layout of my house). The SPX is the only 590 with a picatinny rail and is only available with the bayonet, but it can easily be removed so its a non-issue. I will be taking classes regardless of this purchase and this shotgun will be shot quite often. I appreciate the concern, but I assure you that the thing that is most important to me is improving my ability and having a comfortable, usable, and well-made tool for that purpose. I could honestly care less about having a super mall ninja death hammer. lol
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