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A friend of mine came across a small snub revolver and we have finally identified it as a S&W Terrier (Pre-model 38/32). I am looking to sell it but would like to know approximately when it was made. I know it was made before 1957 because it has no stamping for a model number and the gun was produced starting in 1936.
Serial number is 712XX.
The .38/32 Terrier (Pre-War) started production in 1936 at serial number 38976 and ran to 1940 at serial number 54474.
The .38/32 Terrier (Postwar) (pre model 32) ran from serial number 54475 in 1948 to 122678 in 1974.
To get you closer, the trigger guard screw (upper front of trigger guard) was eliminated in 1953 and the upper side plate screw was eliminated in 1955 (from 4 sideplate screws to 3).

I also have only one S&W in the stable.. can someone please date it? I'm thinking it was early '63-'64.
It's a K22 w/6" barrel SN= K4026xx
I am LOOKING FOR a K38 w/6" barrel of about the same manufacture so that I have a pair.. eventually I may also purchase a K32
Great idea, but good luck finding the K32

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