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David Wile
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Hey folks,

I have added some more reports from owners to the list, and the data shown below represents everything I have received thus far:

--------Hornady LNL AP Serial Numbers & Dates Purchased---------
--------------------------------- Original Type -------------------
---Serial #-----When Bought------Case Kicker-----Member Reporting
----1,525-----June?----1997------Wire eject-------Dave Wile
----8,866-----May-----2005-----------------------Canuck IL
---11,027-----Jan------2008------Wire eject-------Wilburt
---11,778-----Aug------2007------Wire eject-------SPW1
---11,885--------------2008?-----Wire eject-------Walkalong
---13,xxx--------------2008?----------------------KY Jelly
---13,491-----June-----2008------Wire eject-------101 Voo Doo (Jim)
---13,050-----Feb-----2008-------Wire eject-------Randy
---13,978-----July-----2008-------Wire eject-------Dynamite Rabbit (Lee)
---14,281-----Aug-----2008-------Wire eject-------RNG (Richard)
---16,5xx-----Dec-----2008------ -EZ-Ject--------Mongoose
---17,410-----Feb-----2009------- EZ-Ject--------Jeff Brown
---18,608-----April-----2009-----------------------Wild Willy (Bill)
---18,930-----May-----2009-----------------------Broken Wheel
---20,777-----Oct-----2009------------------------Floydster (Floyd)
---22,295-----Nov-----2009------------------------Dodge DeBoulet
---23,300-----Dec-----2009------------------------The Hat
---23,766-----Dec-----2009---------EZ-Ject-------Fella5 (Scott) From Midway.

What follows are additional comments made by the members that do not fit well with the listing above, but they are of interest in their own right:

---Canuck, IL - Reports that change in primer system came at serial number 7,000.
---Walkalong - Has a Pro-Jector with serial # 18,396. He also says the $29 he spent for his EZ-Ject upgrade was worth the expense.
---Randy - States that Hornady started offering the EZ-Ject system in Jan 2009. Serial number unknown. Converted his to EZ-Ject in June 09.
---Dodge DeBoulet - Indicated his press came with 3 powder drop tubes, two primer slides & seating punches; also indicated his powder screw tubes are not micrometer style which seems to be an add on purchase.
---Ole Farmer Buck - Stated that Hornady told him the EZ-Ject system started with serial number 15,000.
---RNG (Richard) Upgraded to EZ-Ject in October 2009 and considers it money well spent.
---Gryffydd - Powder measure comes with baffle now. Purchased from Graff's.
---1911pewpew - Purchased from Midway.
---Fella5 (Scott) - Purchased from Midway.

Again it would be nice to have more data, and it would be nice to have further comments as listed above.

Best wishes,
Dave Wile

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