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lol @ special ops, further lol @ picatinny rail on shotgun receiver

the shotgunner matters more than any "special ops" tacticool bayo equipped super laserbeam shotgun youll more than likely never shoot. as Lee said, you could stand to take a class. I'd trade all of that junk on those guns besides the receiver, barrel, stock and forend for the cash to take a class and the ammo to do it with. as far as the stock length, youll have to see what fits you. I'm a bigger guy, so I don't mind the Speedfeed. It fits me pretty good, although I wouldn't pay extra for one. In fact I've had issues with mine (shells popping out under recoil) and Speedfeed hasn't answered my emails regarding what to do with it. Not a fan of the company.

its best to look at a shotgun as a malleable tool. everything is so modular on a Mossberg. I'd honestly look at a plain bead sight 500 or 590 special purpose or 590a1 and go from there. I believe the 6-shot 590a1s you see on sale at Cabelas or Gander Mtn are your best deal. I'm starting to view most of the 9-shot guns as more of a mall ninja magnet to be honest, althought I like some of them (the ones with plain barrel and heat shield are my favorite, personally). Ghost Rings are definitely not my thing and more often than not people I see out shooting don't even really know how to use them, first off, and second off, would be far better served "using" a bead. I'm lucky in that I learned the shotgun in a traditional sense, i.e. using a bead, shooting clays, hunting rabbits and dove, etc....I'm very thankful for this as I think it's made my useage and understanding of the shotgun far more developed and sound than it would be if I'd gotten into shotguns as an adult and viewed tactical add-ons and sighting systems as an upgrade rather than a hindrance.

when it comes to protecting my house, you could lay out any odd manner of tacticool uber-shotguns, and I'm going to sell whatever you give me and get a plain old Ithaca 37 18.5" with nothing on it and wood stock. Simple - better, faster, stronger, more reliable. The farthest I'll ever go is a light and a sling on a shotgun, but more than likely those things WILL not be on my house gun, and my house gun will NOT be over 18.5" in length...

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