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Ding, I'm sorry but most of my shooting takes place out in the boonies. I live in Logan so we have lots of little areas to go to. If you ever make it up this way e-mail me, my friends and I are always ready to go out and shoot with some first-timers. We have some pretty neat toys to play with as well.

Pro-arms used to be the best place to rent guns, it was on Redwood road but it went out of business.

Down in Springville is Rangemasters. That is where we had the first Utah TFL get-together. They rent guns, I can't remember the prices though. They also have an interactive target simulator where you shoot live rounds at a video screen. Look them up in the phone book, they where really nice folks.

I believe Doug's on Redwood road also rents guns and has an small indoor range, but I have never used their facilities and have no idea what they are like.

If you would like I could add your name to the e-mail list of Utah TFLers, so you can be notified of the next get-together/shoot-o-rama.
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