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So I went to the range today (my 33rd birthday by the way) to dial in/check the zero of my preffered battery of guns for the hunt.

4 shots out of my savage 116fsak 30-06 with 165 gr handlods netted a 1 inch group.

4 more shots had it dialed in at 2 inches high at 100 yards and a 1/2 group.

Just like I always do.. but now the piece de resistance...

i always take a 12 guage 870 with a rem choke 20 inch barrel as a back up and usually shoot it at the 50 yard target. Well i knew it was on at 50.. so I tried it at 100.. much to the amusement of the range officer.

Now at 100 yards with those factory sights you COVER the entire TARGET with the front sight. Stock in tight good cheek weld breathe slow, safty off....BOOM.

Bullseye. Dead Center. Almost hit the smallest diamond at the center of the target!

Aforementioned range officer's jaw hits ground and he says "dead deer".

I say well I think that's sighted in and put it away.. (before he says do that again) range officer gets ALL OTHER range officers to come look at my target.

Annoyed looking ar-15 afficiando two lanes down with flat top dog sniper rig with 4-16 power scope hasn't hit for snot all day. Shoots me an evil look. I smile back.

Range owner (who i don't know very well) points out 'yes well rob is a good shot" I didn't even KNOW he knew my name.

What a DAY!

I'm so happy.

NEXT: IDPA match on saturday.. I can't wait!

For the books: Remington sportsman12 magnum 12 guage pump shotgun, 20 inch deer barrel with rifled choke tube. Federal 2 3/4 inch 1oz. Maximum hollow point slug.

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