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I have a spouse with similar views. I am an Army officer, and shooting/Close Quarters Combat instructor ( I apolologize in advance for the plug) My wife is a staunch supporter of the 2nd amendment, and was an avid IPSC competitor until the birth of our son. She regularly accompanies me when we take our son shooting and hunting. However, she is not yet mentally ready to carry concealed and does not feel that the crime rate in our area of the world warrants her being armed all the time. So.... I don't push it. When she is ready then we will proceed. Going around in society armed and willing to take another person's life in self defense is a tremendously weighty decision and one that should not be coerced on anyone. When we do go shooting together, or even when we train together I try to make it a special occasion. However, be advised that family members may not regard you as an instructor or source of expertise. This is a somewhat difficult postition for a family member to be in, the other family members see you as dad/mom/brother/sister; NOT as an expert in a given field, although your qualifications and experience clearly make you an expert; you are just dad/wife/spouse and your family sees you in that regard. Therefore, I often sign up my wife for classes with other premier instructors and sit back. The family member then has an easier time learning and practicing. Sometimes this is tough to take, but seems to work.
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