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Speaking as a chick, let me tell you what worked in my house.

I'll admit I don't love going to the range. Gizmo, I think I am a lot like your wife. I love to argue, I love "converting" anyone I can to RKBA, and it doesn't bother me that my house is starting to look like the National Armory. But, going to the range just is not my favorite pasttime. Sorry! There are just other places I'd rather be (though I know that's hard for you guys to understand)....flea markets...bookstores...county fairs...but I digress...

Anyway, the way myenterprising sweetie gets me to the range is by basically making a date of it. We schedule it for a Sunday afternoon. We go to brunch first. He doesn't make me stay all day (he understands that, with my short attention span, overkill is a sure way to make me hate something). Many times he's let me bring a first-timer friend and picked up the tab for them, which always makes it fun. I like to have company, and they always help reload magazines...

If that doesn't work, try the honesty angle, which has also worked on me: "Honey, you need to know how to load and fire all of my weapons, and you need to be confident doing it, just in case you're home alone and a BG gets between you and yourgun." That made me think...

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