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I'm unaware of an instance such as you are inquiring about.

However, I've put the question to representatives of various federal legal counsels before. The gist of their interpretation is that the exemptions refer to:

(1) LEOs
(2) Military and security personnel
(3) Individuals authorized by the controlling authorities for a specific purposes (e.i. hunting, sporting events, the delivery of a firearm to a federal facility, etc).

All guidance I've ever received has been unified in denying that CCW carriers somehow fall under exemption #3.

I work in a federal facility and in my capacity I routinely inquire if folks are carrying as well as informing them that, beyond a certain point, doing so is illegal. Folks leave and return sans firearms (the public parking is not federally controlled; presumably most secure their firearms in their vehicles). To date, nobody returning has been discovered with a firearm. IIRC, only one person ever left complaining to never return.

So... No case. Sorry. But... My advice to anyone would be to avoid lining up as the test case.
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