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I carry under HR 218 (retired not active). I don't attempt to carry in a federal court house. If I have cause to enter such buildings I lock my gun in the truck.

As we know, when we carry under HR 218 we have to carry our ID, (retired or active). When I retired my department gave me a retired badge in addition to the photo Id card. I carry the badge/id card in a wallet style wallet case.

When entering federal building you normally have to go through a metal detector. So, I empty my pockets in the little basket, including my retired badge.

Normally two things happen, I'm either asked, If I'm carrying to lock my pistol up in the locker next to the scanner, OR, they try to pass me through. I respond to both that I'm not carrying. It seems it doesnt really matter as to which state.

So that tells me it depends on who's working security. But again it dosnt matter to me because I lock my gun in the truck before enterring.

I never tried it with a normal CC permit, but I suppose it may be differant

Un-related, but at airports I seem to run into the same senaro. Sometimes they try to pass me thru, some times they ask if I'm carrying making me think they wont allow it, and sometimes they say they have to check with the pilot to see if he will allow it on his plane. Again I dont try to carry through security so it dosnt matter.
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