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I have only been shooting a few months, but had my first (and hopefully ONLY) **MAJOR** scare at an indoor range last night. This is not my "regular" range, but one about 20 minutes away who has "Ladies Night" on Saturday nights.

Yesterday, my friend and I attended an IDPA Training Seminar and had a WONDERFUL time. Really learned A LOT, and loved the chance to shoot outside. Can't wait to go back next month!!

On our way back from the IDPA Seminar, we decided to stop at an indoor range that had Ladies Night. I'd been there twice before, and it had been quiet both times. This time however, was not the case.

We went in the range and it was fairly busy - probably 8 - 10 ppl shooting. We took up our stations and were plinking away.

When I turn around, there's a guy sitting on a table/bench directly behind where I'm standing (he's about 6 feet behind the shooting stations) - and inserted a full mag into his gun. He racked the slide and a LIVE ROUND came flying out (ejected). His gun was pointed directly at me when he did this. I freaked.

I unloaded, scooped my stuff in my bag, told my friend and we high-tailed it out to the front. Told the ppl what happened and they looked at me like I was nuts.... I don't know if they did anything about it or not. We got the hell out of Dodge. The two guys that were sitting behind me on the bench looked like older gang-banger types. I don't know if they were trying to intimidate me or what, but I sure wasn't going to stick around to find out.

This place is the only place I've shot at that didn't make me sign a form to shoot there. Now I'm wondering how safe that place is. I was planning on going there to check out a Bullseye League this week, but I don't know now.

Any comments?

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