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Ditto on what Herodotus said.

The public ranges owned & operated by the Missouri Conservation Dept. are top notch & first class establishments. The range officers are not only VERY safety conscious and not at all bashful about taking appropriate action, they are generally all enthusiastic hunters and-or shooters themselves. VERY good people to talk to and associate with. All government employees should be so competent.

Safety at "open ranges" is a ticklish thing, especially when you are around people you don't know. When I'm in a place like that, I constantly watch those around me for unsafe practices. In the event that I see something pretty flagrant, I usually just pack up & leave.

Safety wiht firearms must be learned. How we go about educating our armed brothers & sisters to safe & courteous handling of weapons without offending them and possibly initiating an "incident" eludes me. I just have to conclude that SOME of the ones I've seen either may already have been or someday will be a feature story on the local "10 O'clock News". I just know that I don't want to be around (either being interviewed, or being loaded into the ambulance) when the cameras start rolling.

Robert A. Heinlein said it best.... "Never underestimate the power of human stupidity".

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