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Went shooting over the weekend with my Brother. Had a great time too. Put hundreds of round through some of my guns. My new "loaded" M1A is FANTASTIC!!!!

<Rant On> But this is a rant about range safety. We were shooting at the pistol range and there were some other fellas there as well. All the targets had fallen and I yelled "CLEAR" and everyone else yelled "CLEAR" as well. We all unloaded, locked and placed our pistols on the deck and My brother and I went forward to set up the targets. Now as I place the last target up, I look up and one of the guys is holding his pistol!!!!!! And I'm still down range!!!! The pistol was unloaded, but I thought all guns were loaded. Next I move as fast as I can and get back to the line and gather my things and leave.

As I was packing up my car I noticed the following, another guy was on the pistol range. And he was holding his pistol vertically, pointed straight up to the sky, right next to his right ear. Bad form, and practice. Good habit to blow your head off. Pistols should always be pointed down range. Another guy emptied his 9mm and removed the magazine and then turns around with pistol in hand and is pointing it back at us!!! He just spun around real fast and his arm whipped out and the gun was pointing out. I saw another guy carrying his .45 in his hand as he walked around the range. PUT THE GUN IN A HOLSTER WHEN CARRYING! Another bad form. We were also talking to a guy about his .45 and he pulls it out and points it straight at my Brother while showing it to us. COME ON!!!!! If someone gets shot, we can kiss the range good-bye.

We left and went to the free-fire range where no one else was. I felt much safer there. My brother plans to say something to the club about these incidents. I have never seen such gross unsafe practice in my life. From now on if I see ANYONE using unsafe habits, I will be the first to say something. <Rant Off>

Has anyone else EVER seen such dangerous practice? How do I go about saying something if I see it again? Again I was just amazed and slightly scared to see such sloppy handeling of weapons.

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