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Own An LNL AP Press? Seeking Serial Numbers & Purchase Date Info For Data Base

Hey folks,

I started a thread with the same name over on THR ( ), with the intention of gathering information on Hornady LNL AP production since its inception in 1997. I didn't want to start the same thread on both THR and TFL, but after more than a week, I suspect I may be missing some folks here at TFL, so I thought I would see if I could get some more information from folks here who have not seen this thread on THR.

The Hornady LNL AP progressive press has been in production since 1997, and I was curious as to how many of these presses have been made since then along with how the production numbers changed throughout the twelve plus years they have been on the market. So far, over 24,000 of these units have been sold since 1997, the data listed below represents the latest information reported thus far:

--------Hornady LNL AP Serial Numbers & Dates Purchased---------
--------------------------------- Original Type -------------------
---Serial #-----When Bought------Case Kicker-----Member Reporting
----1,525-----June?----1997------Wire eject-------Dave Wile
----8,866-----May-----2005-----------------------Canuck IL
---11,027-----Jan------2008------Wire eject-------Wilburt
---11,778-----Aug------2007------Wire eject-------SPW1
---11,885--------------2008?-----Wire eject-------Walkalong
---13,xxx--------------2008?----------------------KY Jelly
---13,491-----June-----2008------Wire eject-------101 Voo Doo
---13,050-----Feb-----2008-------Wire eject-------Randy
---13,978-----July-----2008-------Wire eject-------Dynamite Rabbit (Lee)
---14,281-----Aug-----2008-------Wire eject-------RNG (Richard)
---17,410-----Feb-----2009------------------------Jeff Brown
---18,608-----April-----2009-----------------------Wild Willy (Bill)
---18,930-----May-----2009-----------------------Broken Wheel
---20,777-----Oct-----2009------------------------Floydster (Floyd)
---22,295-----Nov-----2009------------------------Dodge DeBoulet
---23,300-----Dec-----2009------------------------The Hat

Please feel welcome to add your information to the list.

Best wishes,
Dave Wile
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