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It's spotless, less than a hundred rounds through it. I traded a nintendo Wii for it and it was in original box. But I only tried loading one of the 5 shells, walmart winchester greybox.... I'll try another tonight, but it wasn't even close. it was almost as if it was trying to fold in half on the way up.

Now i'm very new to shotguns, this is my first (I have another thread about sawing down rules for when I get an HD shotgun and it shows my lack of knowledge) So bear with me when i try to describe this...

Covering the bottom of the opening where you load there's a hinged piece of metal that you must move up with the face of the shell when inserting rounds. then when it's loaded it pushes the round back and (I'm assuming) that metal piece acts as a guide from the tube to the chamber. It's as if the angle of that is too steep and the edge of the tube is hitting the side of the shell when it angles up. Does that help?
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