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Sawing off

Ok so i'm sure this is another "Go search!" Question, but i looked and couldn't find an answer. I"m just looking for some clarity on the topic of sawing off shotguns.

I want to buy a cheap double barrel and make it as short as possible, For literally no reason. I just think it'd be fun to have and shoot, and it'd be a fun project as well. My issue is that I don't want to break the law. So can I cut the barrel and the stock? I know there's a law about 18" but is that overall? I'd like to shorten the barrel as much as possible and then shorten the stock as well. I'm sure the days of a pistol grip sawed off are long gone thanks to the gang bangers huh? I'd just like a short lesson on the specifics. I live in Wa and OR (depending on the time of year)

Oh and i'd also like to know where to find a cheap shotgun, I have a benelli but i'd be a fool to saw that thing down. What's a reliable CHEAP Pump or double barrel that i could make a HD/Fun gun out of? (12ga)
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